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Updates on Cerny and Croatia

Those of you who have previously been following my blog may be interested to know that two of the topics I recently covered here have been subject to further developments in the last couple of days.

David Cerny and ‘Entropa’

On 27 January I wrote about Czech Artist David Cerny’s contraversial artwork ‘Entropa’ which caused a furore when it was unveiled at the EU Headquarters earlier this year ( @ ). Yesterday Cerny created further controversy by announcing he now planned to remove the artwork on 10th May – 7 weeks earlier than planned – as a mark of protest against the fall of the Czech government of Mirek Topolanek after a vote of no-confidence in March, and it’s replacement next month by a temporary cabinet who Cerny dismissed as ‘an autopilot cabinet …  a government of former communists’. Entropa will be donated to a Prague Gallery. At least the Bulgarians should be happy!

Croatia’s EU Negotiations

Shortly afterwards, on February I wrote about the threat posed to Croatia’s bid for EU membership by an ongoing border dispute with neighbouring Slovenia (for more details see ‘Croatian EU Membership Under Threat’ @ ). And yesterday (23rd April) the EU did indeed announce the cancellation of the next round of talks with Croatia, due to the ongoing dispute with Slovenia over the Bay of Piran, stating that any resumption of talks with Croatia would be ‘subject to positive developments’ in Croatian-Slovenian negotiations over this issue. This move is a potential concern development, not just for Croatia but also for other aspiring EU candidates in the Balkan Region, where numerous border disputes that emerged after the breakup of the Yugoslav Federation remain unresolved.

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